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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

CFM proudly offers a cutting-edge protocol, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Historically, Ketamine has been  a very useful anesthetic, which has been listed for decades on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medications. It is used extensively in combat medical situations as well as in pediatric emergency medicine. Ketamine can be easily dosed and injected, reliably producing anesthesia with dissociation, allowing providers to complete procedures such as suturing or reduction of bone fractures.  More recently, Ketamine has been used for treatment resistant depression where research is continually growing and showing evidence of success.  Research is also showing evidence of success in individuals with PTSD. In addition, there are findings that many individuals with other long-term psychiatric and spiritual struggles can benefit from Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy..

Ketamine Assisted Therapy has been developed out of the research protocols working with psilocybin and MDMA assisted therapy for PTSD, depression, end of life issues etc.  [For more information please see the MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) at ]. Sarah’s approach is based on this research and expanded through specific Ketamine training (through The Ketamine Training Center).  KAP is a treatment model designed in pursuit of faster and better results for individuals, without the significant negative side effects commonly experienced from daily use of medications.


Sarah begins the KAP process by screening individuals to make sure Ketamine therapy is appropriate, ensuring the greatest safety and wellbeing for her patients.                  

In following sessions, Sarah’s aim is to provide a freeing, liberating experience that validates the past and makes the present alive with potential for growth and development, new choices and a working through of suffering that inhibits this.
Based on the individual, Sarah offers several methods of working with Ketamine:

Low dose, sublingual lozenge:   allows for a consciousness experience in an interactive psychotherapy frame. This provides a time-out from ordinary mind, a relief from negativity and depression and a reset for new consciousness.  

Higher dose, intramuscular injection:   engenders a transformative experience, a journey, that is unique to the person and leads to a shift in usual ways of being and viewing oneself and one’s world.

Prescribed sublingual Ketamine for home sessions:   for people who have previously had a positive experience working with Ketamine in sessions and suffer from treatment resistant depression

Combination of methods:   may be used over time in support of relief from suffering, depression, PTSD, and obsessional mind.

The model Sarah uses minimizes the medical aspect with its objectification and alienation. Instead, it embraces the personal and subjective as a focus in what she regards as a therapeutic nest that holds patients in safety and furthers the explore the mind, heart and spirit in several ways:

This therapeutic method embraces non-directive therapy, meditation and loving kindness, and other approaches brought to bear as appropriate to the person(s).

Going deep into mind means understanding suffering and its origins as well as seeking its relief.

Adept with medical and health issues, Sarah will use consultants and other practitioners as necessary.  

Sarah’s commitment is to an ongoing relationship with you, your dear ones, and with outside therapist(s) and practitioners with whom you may be involved.  Sarah requires most clients to have an outside trauma therapist to assist with integrating the content that comes up in sessions.

Sarah see’s her clients in the contexts of their lives (and includes important relationship persons as desired by the patient and as appropriate).

Sarah will work with couples and families.

Above all, Sarah is confident in individual’s ability to put their deeper Self in charge of their lives!

Thank you for your interest.  Please contact the Collaborative Functional Medicine office at 303-335-5811 for further information.