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Collaborative Functional Medicine

"Personalized Holistic Healing for your Physical and Mental Health Concerns"

Over the past 5 years Sarah has helped me with numerous physiological problems such as stomach ulcer, headaches, acid reflux, allergies and muscle pain and my life long mental struggle with OCD and anxiety. But she has definitely been more than a medical practitioner for me. She has been a great teacher that not only helped me with my immediate health needs but also completely transformed my view and understanding of the mind and the body. Sarah is extremely caring and likes to develop a deeper connection with her patients, which I found extremely valuable specially at times when I felt helpless and lonely.   RH

I want to say, that I am doing GREAT!  Seriously, I have never felt this good.  I don't know if its a build up of the zoloft, or if I needed 6 months to recover from 12 years at my old job, or a combination of things, but I am FINALLY ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!  Yay!  I am so content and able to be spontaneous and not worrying about upcoming things and I could go on. One year after starting to work with you my life has totally turned around and I thank you for the ways that you have contributed to this. KY

To Sarah for fixing something I never thought I could change; for stepping outside a box most people don’t acknowledge exists and then truly listening to me from there; for not giving up on helping me. My love and gratitude forever.  KB

 Sarah has been my BodyTalk practitioner for several years.  She is consistently able to get to deep issues that are affecting my state of being.  I always feel better after a session with Sarah.  While I love the energy work Sarah does with BodyTalk, it is comforting to know that she can use her conventional medical training to address issues as well, if needed. MS

l have found Sarah to be professional and thorough in her work with the clients we share.  She is a practitioner that truly embraces health from many dimensions; physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.  Working with her is a collaborative process. MK


My first visit with Sarah over 5 years ago was the most thorough patient evaluation I have ever had (this is true).  From that information, she was able to help me see how seemingly disparate symptoms are interconnected in my system in a way that helps me better understand my health.  Her knowledge about both traditional western medicine and more holistic approaches to healing have given me choices about how to approach my health.  I also appreciate that she trusts my body's wisdom and solicits my intuition when working with me. KL

Sarah Poston is fantastic. She is a wonderful listener and she offers many alternative treatment suggestions to those of us who prefer that to a more conventional approach. She is very knowledgeable and invested in her clients' well-being. :)

Sarah Poston is the best health care provider I've ever encountered. I feel completely comfortable seeing her and am always totally confident in her treatment choices.

Sarah took time to talk and I really, really appreciated her attention. She listened closely to my concerns and then together we talked about ways that, aside from medication, we could address my issue. I would definitely recommend Sarah Poston to friends and family - I really think she is a wonderful representation of a progressive, caring, and proactive medical model and I feel lucky to have been paired with her during my visit. Thanks Sarah! I look forward to my follow-up appointment to check in on how this treatment plan is panning out.